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Work your way up through the chambers with powerful skills!

Hall of Forms is a game mode introduced in Version 3.10.0. It was first presented in Feh Channel (Oct. 3, 2019).

In this mode, players are provided with a pre-set team of Forma units, which can gain random skills as they are used in the mode. The mode's style of progression is similar to that of the main Fire Emblem games.

Overview[ | ]

The pre-set team of Forma units must be used to play this mode, and they cannot be added to the player's barracks. Forma units will level up from combat in a similar manner to normal units, but any experience bonuses granted by events or castle upgrades do not apply.

This mode uses a special form of stamina. Each of the 20 stages, or chambers, of this mode costs 1 unit of this stamina to play. This stamina refills at a rate of 3 units per day, and can be instantly restored by using a Forma Torch Forma Torch. Each chamber contains randomly-chosen enemy units on a randomly-chosen map, similar to the Training Tower, though without a re-randomize option.

Shaping[ | ]

When playing a stage, the first Forma unit to kill an enemy will be eligible for Shaping after the battle. During Shaping, the player may choose one weapon, assist, passive skill, sacred seal, or a merge to add to the unit. The skills available in a particular Shaping session are randomly determined before the player is allowed to choose one.

The skills available include generic inheritable skills, sacred seals, and refined weapons, as well as any unique skills that the unit would normally have access to. (For example, Celica Caring Princess Face FC Celica: Caring Princess may be offered a refined Brazen Atk Spd W Ragnarok, and Alm Imperial Ascent Face FC Alm: Imperial Ascent may be offered Scendscale Scendscale). Skills designed for certain modes such as R Duel Infantry 4 R Duel Infantry 4 or AR-D Atk Spd 4 AR-D Atk/Spd 4, and utility skills such as Live for Bounty Live for Bounty, Axe Valor 3 Axe Valor 3, and Lance Exp. 3 Lance Exp. 3 do not appear in Hall of Forms.

Unlike normal units, Forma units are not able to swap between obtained skills at will; any new skill added to a slot already containing an old skill will overwrite the old skill. For example, choosing to receive Death Blow 4 Death Blow 4 when the unit already has Fury 4 Fury 4 in skill slot A will cause Fury 4 Fury 4 to be lost.

List of Hall of Forms events[ | ]

ImagePageEvent DatesForma
Hall of Forms 1Hall of Forms 1 – Alm Imperial Ascent Face FC Celica Caring Princess Face FC Mae Bundle of Energy Face FC Boey Skillful Survivor Face FC
Hall of Forms 2Hall of Forms 2 – Marth Altean Groom Face FC Caeda Talyss Bride Face FC Draug Gentle Giant Face FC Merric Wind Mage Face FC
Hall of Forms 3Hall of Forms 3 – Sigurd Holy Knight Face FC Quan Luminous Lancer Face FC Eldigan Lionheart Face FC Lewyn Guiding Breeze Face FC
Hall of Forms 4Hall of Forms 4 – Leif Prince of Leonster Face FC Finn Lance of Legend Face FC Reinhardt Thunders Sword Face FC Olwen Righteous Knight Face FC
Hall of Forms 5Hall of Forms 5 – Roy Brave Lion Face FC Lilina Blush of Youth Face FC Thea Stormy Flier Face FC Cecilia Festive Instructor Face FC
Hall of Forms 6Hall of Forms 6 – Lyn Brave Lady Face FC Ninian Bright-Eyed Bride Face FC Nino Pale Flower Face FC Fiora Defrosted Ilian Face FC
Hall of Forms 7Hall of Forms 7 – Eirika Gentle as Snow Face FC Ephraim Sparkling Gallantly Face FC Tana Noble and Nimble Face FC Innes Flawless Form Face FC
Hall of Forms 8Hall of Forms 8 – Ike Stalwart Heart Face FC Soren Addled Strategist Face FC Greil Heroic Exemplar Face FC Mist Purest Spirit Face FC
Hall of Forms 9Hall of Forms 9 – Micaiah Summers Dawn Face FC Elincia Estival Princess Face FC Oliver Admirer of Beauty Face FC Mia Moonlit Witch Face FC
Hall of Forms 10Hall of Forms 10 – Chrom Knight Exalt Face FC Lucina Brave Princess Face FC Robin Fell Reincarnation Face FC Walhart The Conqueror Face FC
Hall of Forms 11Hall of Forms 11 – Camilla Flower of Fantasy Face FC Corrin Dream Prince Face FC Corrin Dream Princess Face FC Xander Dancing Knight Face FC
Hall of Forms 12Hall of Forms 12 – Edelgard The Future Face FC Dimitri The Protector Face FC Claude The Schemer Face FC Hubert Sinister Servant Face FC
Hall of Forms 13Hall of Forms 13 –
Kiria Cool Facade Face FC Tsubasa Madcap Idol Face FC Mamori Microwavin Idol Face FC Eleonora Shooting Starlet Face FC
Hall of Forms 14Hall of Forms 14 –
Laegjarn Sheathed Steel Face FC Fjorm Bride of Rime Face FC Ylgr Fresh Snowfall Face FC Veronica Spring Princess Face FC
Hall of Forms 15Hall of Forms 15 – Palla Eldest Bun-Bun Face FC Catria Spring Whitewing Face FC Est Springtime Flier Face FC Minerva Princess-Knight Face FC
Hall of Forms 16Hall of Forms 16 –
Celica Imprisoned Soul Face FC Berkut Purgatorial Prince Face FC Delthea Tatarrahs Puppet Face FC Sonya Vengeful Mage Face FC
Hall of Forms 17Hall of Forms 17 –
Larcei Keen Kin Face FC Shannan Wielder of Astra Face FC Ced Hero on the Wind Face FC Altena Luminous Rider Face FC
Hall of Forms 18Hall of Forms 18 – Mareeta Sword of Stars Face FC Osian Scolded Soldier Face FC Tanya Dagdars Kid Face FC Saias Bishop of Flame Face FC
Hall of Forms 19Hall of Forms 19 – Fae Holiday Dear Face FC Lilina Beachside Bloom Face FC Brunnya Devoted General Face FC Larum Sprightly Dancer Face FC
Hall of Forms 20Hall of Forms 20 – Ursula Clear-Blue Crow Face FC Zephiel Winters Crown Face FC Nino Flower of Frost Face FC Jaffar Angel of Night Face FC
Hall of Forms 21Hall of Forms 21 – Myrrh Spooky Monster Face FC Dozla Harvest Attendant Face FC LArachel Harvest Princess Face FC Marisa Crimson Rabbit Face FC
Hall of Forms 22Hall of Forms 22 – Sanaki Apostle in White Face FC Ashnard Mad King Face FC Ilyana Treat Harvester Face FC Nephenee Sincere Dancer Face FC
Hall of Forms 23Hall of Forms 23 –
Micaiah Queen of Dawn Face FC Ike Zeal Unleashed Face FC Sothe Zephyr Face FC Naesala Skys Shadow Face FC
Hall of Forms 24Hall of Forms 24 –
Tharja Obsessive Bride Face FC Cordelia Knight Paradise Face FC Nowi Eternal Witch Face FC Inigo Indigo Dancer Face FC
Hall of Forms 25Hall of Forms 25 –
Kagero Spring Ninja Face FC Camilla Tropical Beauty Face FC Felicia Off the Menu Face FC Flora Signature Dish Face FC
Hall of Forms 26Hall of Forms 26 –
Dorothea Solar Songstress Face FC Ingrid Solstice Knight Face FC Sylvain Hanging with Tens Face FC Lorenz Highborn Heat Face FC
Hall of Forms 27Hall of Forms 27 – Laegjarn Burning Sun Face FC Laevatein Bonfires Blaze Face FC Helbindi Seaside Scourge Face FC Gunnthra Beaming Smile Face FC
Hall of Forms 28Hall of Forms 28 –
Marth Legacied Hero Face FC Merric Changing Winds Face FC Caeda Princess of Talys Face FC Kris Unsung Hero Face FC
Hall of Forms 29Hall of Forms 29 – Catria Mild Middle Sister Face FC Rudolf Emperor of Rigel Face FC Rinea Reminiscent Belle Face FC Python Apathetic Archer Face FC
Hall of Forms 30Hall of Forms 30 –
Julia Heart Usurped Face FC Eldigan Strutting Lion Face FC Lachesis Ballroom Bloom Face FC Ethlyn Glimmering Lady Face FC
Hall of Forms 31Hall of Forms 31 – Sara Lady of Loptr Face FC Ronan Villager of Iz Face FC Asbel Windswept Youth Face FC Kempf Conniving General Face FC
Hall of Forms 32Hall of Forms 32 – Igrene Nabata Protector Face FC Guinivere Princess of Bern Face FC Fir Student of Spring Face FC Narcian Vernal General Face FC
Hall of Forms 33Hall of Forms 33 – Eliwood Marquess Pherae Face FC Lyn Lady of the Beach Face FC Pent Mage General Face FC Erk Studious Mage Face FC
Hall of Forms 34Hall of Forms 34 –
LArachel Seeker of Justice Face FC Lyon Demon King Face FC Joshua Tropical Gambler Face FC Selena Fluorspar Face FC
Hall of Forms 35Hall of Forms 35 – Volke Man of Mysteries Face FC Jill Fiery Dracoknight Face FC Shinon Scathing Archer Face FC Ilyana Hungering Mage Face FC
Hall of Forms 36Hall of Forms 36 – Nailah Blessed Queen Face FC Rafiel Blessed Wings Face FC Tibarn Shipless Pirate Face FC Dheginsea Harvest Goldoan Face FC
Hall of Forms 37Hall of Forms 37 – Robin Fall Vessel Face FC Nah Little Miss Face FC Tharja Florid Charmer Face FC Anna Secret Seller Face FC
Hall of Forms 38Hall of Forms 38 – Camilla Light of Nohr Face FC Hinoka Relaxed Warrior Face FC Corrin Wailing Soul Face FC Corrin Bloodbound Beast Face FC
Hall of Forms 39Hall of Forms 39 – Dimitri King of Faerghus Face FC Claude Almyras King Face FC Edelgard Adrestian Emperor Face FC Lysithea Earnest Seeker Face FC
Hall of Forms 40Hall of Forms 40 – Henriette Overflowing Love Face FC Gustav Majestic Love Face FC Veronica Bestowed Love Face FC Laevatein Ninja of Muspell Face FC
Hall of Forms 41Hall of Forms 41 – Tiki Legendary Dragon Face FC Marth Prince of Light Face FC Kris Ardent Firebrand Face FC Katarina Torchlit Wanderer Face FC
Hall of Forms 42Hall of Forms 42 – Alm Saint-King Face FC Delthea Prodigy in Bloom Face FC Palla Kind Eldest Sister Face FC Luthier Odd Wayfarer Face FC
Hall of Forms 43Hall of Forms 43 – Julia Crusader of Light Face FC Tine Rumbling Thunder Face FC Larcei Scion of Astra Face FC Scathach Astras Wake Face FC
Hall of Forms 44Hall of Forms 44 – Leif Unifier of Thracia Face FC Karin Driven Knight Face FC Miranda Willful Princess Face FC Lifis Terror of Iz Face FC
Hall of Forms 45Hall of Forms 45 – Roy Blazing Lion Face FC Lilina Beaming Bride Face FC Igrene Ninja of Nabata Face FC Cath Master Thief Face FC
Hall of Forms 46Hall of Forms 46 – Lyn Lady of the Wind Face FC Karla Sun-Piercing Steel Face FC Leila Keen Lookout Face FC Ninian Frozen Heart Face FC
Hall of Forms 47Hall of Forms 47 – Ephraim Legendary Lord Face FC Eirika Graceful Resolve Face FC Innes Frelian Moonlight Face FC Artur Silver Saint Face FC
Hall of Forms 48Hall of Forms 48 – Ike Vanguard Legend Face FC Soren Hushed Voice Face FC Marcia Petulant Knight Face FC Black Knight The Nights Blade Face FC
Hall of Forms 49Hall of Forms 49 – Yune Chaos Goddess Face FC Micaiah Wavecrest Maiden Face FC Elincia Seaside Queen Face FC Nailah Hatari Scorcher Face FC
Hall of Forms 50Hall of Forms 50 – Robin Fell Vessel Face FC Morgan Fated Darkness Face FC Lucina Future Fondness Face FC Owain Devoted Defender Face FC
Hall of Forms 51Hall of Forms 51 – Ryoma Supreme Samurai Face FC Corrin Starry Seer Face FC Corrin Celestial Sorcerer Face FC Lilith Silent Broodling Face FC
Hall of Forms 52Hall of Forms 52 – Sothis Girl on the Throne Face FC Edelgard Hegemon Husk Face FC Dimitri Savage Boar Face FC Bernadetta Frosty Shut-In Face FC
Hall of Forms 53Hall of Forms 53 – Alear Dragon Child Face FC Alfred Floral Protector Face FC Celine Joyous Royal Face FC Chloe Fairy-Tale Flier Face FC
Hall of Forms 54Hall of Forms 54 – Fjorm Seaside Thaw Face FC Gunnthra Voice of Dreams Face FC Hrid Icy Blade Face FC Ylgr Breaking the Ice Face FC
Hall of Forms 55Hall of Forms 55 – Marth Hero-King Face FC Caeda Beloved Queen Face FC Maria Ritual Sacrifice Face FC Maria Sunny Smile Face FC

Story[ | ]

Thorr War God Face FC



You ARE here. My, my, my...


Loki The Trickster Face FC

Still playing with your dolls? They
seem to fascinate you so.


Loki The Trickster Face Smile
Thorr War God Face Anger

Do not belittle them, Loki. They
contain strength neither you nor I


Oh, do they? This despite the fact
that they aren't...real?

They may look like Heroes, but
they're nothing more than toys
created by Alfaðör.

They're weaklings. Babies that can
barely walk, let alone fight.




Loki The Trickster Face FC
Thorr War God Face FC

That is the very reason I am
interested. They may lack power...
but they are filled with potential.

They work together, push
themselves...expend every last
drop of strength to grasp victory.

And then they acquire new strength.
What do they do then? Use it to take
on stronger foes...




Thorr War God Face Anger

This is what strength is. It is pure and

And it is strength we will never know.
You could learn much if you were
to witness their battles.


Fine! Well... I do like battles that
have...a certain element of


Loki The Trickster Face FC

Just how far can these pitiful
dolls go? Perhaps I should take
a look.


Loki The Trickster Face Cool
Paralogue 39-3: A Gathering of Ghouls
Tempest Trials: A Child's Wish

Gallery[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • At the end of the event, if you have a Forma Soul, you can choose one unit to recruit to your Barracks.
  • With a Forma Soul, a Forma unit is the only legitimate way to have a playable character that can acquire Icon Class Blue Tome Thoron+ and Icon Class Colorless Tome Atlas+.

In other languages[ | ]

Language Name
Japanese 偶像の天楼
German Halle der Formen
Spanish (Europe) Galería quimérica
Spanish (Latin America) Galería quimérica
French Tour de l'éveil
Italian Sala degli ideali
Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) 偶像的天樓
Portuguese Mansão das réplicas