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Type Icon Name SP Required Description
S Guardian Seal.png Guardian Seal 0 Units on the opposing team with Range = 2 cannot move through a space adjacent to the holder of this seal. (Does not affect units with Pass.) When foe with this seal is defeated, restores 10 HP to unit that defeated foe and inflicts Special cooldown count+1 on that unit after combat.
No restrictions.

Available as a Sacred Seal.


  • Guardian Seal only affects regular unit movement; warping is unaffected.
    • A unit can warp to a space regardless of whether a path that is not blocked by Guardian Seal exists between the unit and the destination.
    • A unit can warp to a space adjacent to a foe with Guardian Seal active.
    • Guardian Seal does not prevent foes from moving into a space adjacent to unit.
  • Guardian Seal does not affect sources of unit movement, and foes with Pass 3.png Pass 3.
    • If Icon Skill Assist.png Smite could move an ally 2 spaces away, it always does so regardless of whether a foe with Guardian Seal is adjacent to the space in the middle.
    • A unit can attack an adjacent foe with Guardian Seal and then leave the space with Hit and Run.png Hit and Run or Close Call 3.png Close Call 3.

Seal acquired from[]

  • This is a Resonant Battles exclusive Sacred Seal. It is exclusively equipped by Enemy Heroes in Resonant Battles.

Sacred Seal Forge[]

  • Guardian Seal.png Guardian Seal: Cannot be created.

In other languages[]

Language Name
Japanese 護衛の偶像
German Wächtersiegel
Spanish (Europe) Tótem forajido
Spanish (Latin America) Tótem forajido
French Sceau gardien
Italian Sigillo guardiano
Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) 護衛的偶像
Portuguese Selo guardião

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