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Quick Hero Info
Icon Move Armored.png Icon Class Red Sword.png
45 / 37 / 38 / 35 / 19
Exclusive skills

Build Icon Alternative.png Alternative
Build Icon Allpurpose.png All-purpose
Orb.png Very high investment
Dual-Phased Ike
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Valentine's Ike is undoubtedly among the strongest red armor units in the game due to his powercreeped Aether (Radiant Aether), glaringly high speeds for an armored unit, and astounding base kit. This build focuses on maximizing the potential of V!Ike's Special.

The IVs should be +Res/-HP. A bulkier Ike (especially one with a mixed bulk) will be able to heal back damage taken much easily. This build strays away from +Atk (a common IV) because a more powerful first attack will lessen the healing potential of Radiant Aether.

Wo Dao+ (Res) is the weapon of choice, due to its magnification of Radiant Aether's damage and, therefore, healing power.

Fort. Def/Res, although rare and also without DC, is valuable to use here because V!Ike is in desperate need of tankier stats to pair with his healing special. The attack penalty, compared to standard Fortress skills, is quite small (and may actually help with lowering the damage of the first attack, thereby increasing the healing potential of the special).

Special Fighter, which is part of V!Ike's base kit, is vital to his performance as an armor unit. Faster special charging on both phases means that he can heal up more often.

The C slot is quite flexible. If V!Ike has armored allies, Armor March could be useful for added mobility (this soft counters ranged units, which are this build's #1 counter). However, since V!Ike needs more speed to double reliably, then if there is a lack of support, V!Ike's innate Even Spd Wave will not disappoint.

The S slot is mildly flexible. Fortress Res enhances mixed bulk, which pairs well with healing specials. However, if no one on V!Ike's team (including V!Ike) has armor march, Armored Boots will suffice. Armored Boots has great synergy with Radiant Aether as the special will help meet Armored Boot's 100% HP requirement.
Dueling Sword.png Optimal
Build Icon Allpurpose.png All-purpose
Hero Feather Darkened.png High investment
Icon Move Armored.png Armored
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Coming in with an amazing 37 Atk/38 Spd statline, Greil's Devoted Ike immediately makes an impact as one of the best offensive units in the game. He even comes packaged with a kit that's incredibly synergetic, all designed to speed up the charge of Radiant Aether while denying the enemy any charge of their own. Even if he has armor movement, when he engages an enemy, that enemy will likely die.

Ike's optimal IV is +Spd to take full advantage of Special Fighter 3. With this asset, he has 41 Spd at no merges or dragonflowers, which ranks among the fastest of the whole cast -- very few will be able to naturally double him. Naturally, this plays well with the aforementioned B skill because it increases his longevity, and it completely removes the need to run Bold or Vengeful Fighter. +Atk isn't too bad either, but he will need more support to use his skillset effectively.

Distant Counter and Special Fighter 3 are the two skills he comes with, and there's no reason to change them. DC allows him to fight back against everything but Firesweep/Dazzling weapons, while Special Fighter shuts down enemies that are reliant on their special activating. His C skill can vary, but Atk Smoke 3 is always good as a general-purpose skill; it allows him to debuff surrounding units quite heavily and bolster his good Def and terrible Res.

His weapon will vary on what you want to do with him. Wo Dao+ with a +Spd refine will give him 44 Spd, which is more than enough against most things. It will also increase the damage of Radiant Aether by 10, allowing him to cleave through most enemies in one combat. Barrier Blade+ with a +Res refine will effectively give him +11 Res when attacked, which turns his terrible Res into something decent when supported with buffs. It makes him slightly less powerful on Player Phase however, so mind your team setups.

While it seems strange, Quick Riposte 3 is absolutely necessary to get past certain Wary Fighter armors, like Surtr or even the recently released Greil. If you have other units that can take this role, he can use Armored Boots if you elected to not use Armor March 3.

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