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Divine Dew
Used in the Weapon Refinery to refine some special weapons.


Divine Dew is created when using Refining Stones to upgrade weapons. The same amount of Divine Dew will be received as the same amount of Refining Stones used (i.e. upgrade a weapon for 50 Stones, receive 50 Dew; 20 for 20 etc.).

You can also get Divine Dew by defeating some Blessed Gardens maps and from Rival Domains in Infernal difficulty.


Divine Dew is used to enhance/evolve Unique Weapons in the Weapon Refinery.

In other languages[]

Language Name
Japanese 神錬の雫
German Göttertau
Spanish (Europe) Rocío divino
Spanish (Latin America) Rocío divino
French Rosée divine
Italian Rugiada divina
Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) 神鍊水滴
Portuguese Orvalho divino