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Confer Blessing

Confer Blessing is a feature introduced in Version 2.0.0 where the player can use a Blessing to confer a bonus to any non-legendary and non-mythic hero. It can be found under the Ally Growth menu.


Whenever the player obtains a Legendary Hero or Mythic Hero, a blessing for their attribute will be added to the inventory. Unlike Sacred Seals, for which duplicates are not allowed, it is possible to have multiple blessings of the same attribute, and confer each to a different Hero.

Each blessing can be conferred once only, so they cannot be removed and given to another Hero afterward. If you give a blessing to a Hero that has received a blessing in the past, the previous blessing will be overwritten.

Blessings have two effects:

  • Blessed allies receive double the usual amount of SP.
  • Blessed allies receive ally boosts during the blessing's season when a matching Legendary Hero or Mythic Hero is present.
    • For example, entering a battle with a Water-type Legendary Hero (e.g. Fjorm: Princess of Ice) during the Water season grants HP+3 and Spd+3 to all Water-blessed allies.

Legendary and Mythic heroes are not allowed to receive blessings, as they already benefit from double SP. They won't receive bonuses from other allies of the same element, but if the current season has both of their elements, Mythic heroes will receive Legendary Hero effects and vice-versa.

Legendary Heroes[]

"Legendary Hero" and "Legendary Heroes" redirect here. For the Paralogue map, see Legendary Hero (map). For the summoning focus, see Legendary Heroes (Focus). For the Tap Battle, see Illusory Dungeon: Legendary Heroes.

Legendary Heroes are heroes who can grant allies certain boosts during the Season of their element, if the allies have been conferred the blessing of the same element. They have a special icon on their profile screen which shows their Legendary Effect and Ally Boost.

  • Legendary Effect: One of the four elements (Icon Season Fire.png Fire, Icon Season Water.png Water, and Icon Season Wind.png Wind, Icon Season Earth.png Earth). Shows during which season the Ally Boost takes effect.
  • Ally Boost: Shows which stat get a boost. All legendary Heroes grant an ally boost of HP+3 during the season that their Legendary Effect is active.
    • The ally boost will only take effect when an ally's Blessing matches with the Legendary Hero's Effect during the corresponding Season.
  • Standard Effect 1: Duel: Some Legendary Heroes such as Roy Blazing Lion Face FC.webp Roy: Blazing Lion change their stats total used for matchmaking in modes like Arena to a certain amount. This effect is active regardless of what the current season is. 0 is indicated in the table for when no changes are made.
  • Standard Effect 2:  Pair Up: An ability that can only be used Legendary Heroes such as Alm Saint-King Face FC.webp Alm: Saint-King, in the Main Story, Paralogues, Training Tower, Allegiance Battles, and Røkkr Sieges. Pair Up can be accessed from the Interact with Allies menu, and allows this unit to join battle in a group with another ally.

Legendary Effect Table[]

Ally Boost Attack.png
Ally Boost Speed.png
Ally Boost Defense.png
Ally Boost Resistance.png
Ally Boost Battle.png
Legendary Effect Water.png
Eirika: Graceful ResolveFjorm: Princess of IceRyoma: Supreme SamuraiAzura: Vallite SongstressByleth: The Fódlan Star Chrom: Crowned Exalt Dimitri: Savior King Leif: Unifier of Thracia
Legendary Effect Wind.png
Lyn: Lady of the WindLucina: Glorious ArcherHríd: Icy BladeGunnthrá: Voice of DreamsCorrin: Child of Dusk Eliwood: Blazing Knight Micaiah: Radiant Queen Sigurd: Fated Holy Knight
Legendary Effect Earth.png
Ike: Vanguard LegendRobin: Fell VesselTiki: Legendary DragonAlm: Saint-King Claude: King of Unification Fae: Childlike Dragon Julia: Crusader of Light Seliph: Scion of Light
Legendary Effect Fire.png
Hector: Marquess of OstiaEphraim: Legendary LordMarth: Hero-KingCelica: Queen of Valentia Edelgard: Flame Emperor Lilina: Firelight Leader Roy: Blazing Lion

Ally Boost Table[]

HeroEntryMoveWeaponElementHPAtkSpdDefResDuelRelease date
Fjorm Princess of Ice Face FC.webpFjorm: Princess of IceHeroesInfantryBlue LanceLegendary Effect Water.png
Gunnthra Voice of Dreams Face FC.webpGunnthrá: Voice of DreamsHeroesCavalryGreen TomeLegendary Effect Wind.png
Ike Vanguard Legend Face FC.webpIke: Vanguard LegendRadiant DawnInfantryRed SwordLegendary Effect Earth.png
Ephraim Legendary Lord Face FC.webpEphraim: Legendary LordThe Sacred StonesCavalryBlue LanceLegendary Effect Fire.png
Robin Fell Vessel Face FC.webpRobin: Fell VesselAwakeningFlyingColorless BreathLegendary Effect Earth.png
Lyn Lady of the Wind Face FC.webpLyn: Lady of the WindThe Blazing BladeInfantryGreen BowLegendary Effect Wind.png
Ryoma Supreme Samurai Face FC.webpRyoma: Supreme SamuraiFatesFlyingRed SwordLegendary Effect Water.png
Hector Marquess of Ostia Face FC.webpHector: Marquess of OstiaThe Blazing BladeArmoredGreen AxeLegendary Effect Fire.png
Lucina Glorious Archer Face FC.webpLucina: Glorious ArcherAwakeningInfantryBlue BowLegendary Effect Wind.png
Marth Hero-King Face FC.webpMarth: Hero-KingShadow Dragon / (New) MysteryInfantryRed SwordLegendary Effect Fire.png
Tiki Legendary Dragon Face FC.webpTiki: Legendary DragonShadow Dragon / (New) MysteryArmoredBlue BreathLegendary Effect Earth.png
Eirika Graceful Resolve Face FC.webpEirika: Graceful ResolveThe Sacred StonesCavalryRed SwordLegendary Effect Water.png
Hrid Icy Blade Face FC.webpHríd: Icy BladeHeroesCavalryRed SwordLegendary Effect Wind.png
Azura Vallite Songstress Face FC.webpAzura: Vallite SongstressFatesFlyingBlue TomeLegendary Effect Water.png
Roy Blazing Lion Face FC.webpRoy: Blazing LionThe Binding BladeInfantryRed SwordLegendary Effect Fire.png
Alm Saint-King Face FC.webpAlm: Saint-KingEchoesInfantryColorless BowLegendary Effect Earth.png
Eliwood Blazing Knight Face FC.webpEliwood: Blazing KnightThe Blazing BladeCavalryRed SwordLegendary Effect Wind.png
Julia Crusader of Light Face FC.webpJulia: Crusader of LightGenealogy of the Holy WarInfantryBlue TomeLegendary Effect Earth.png
Leif Unifier of Thracia Face FC.webpLeif: Unifier of ThraciaGenealogy of the Holy War Thracia 776CavalryColorless BowLegendary Effect Water.png
Celica Queen of Valentia Face FC.webpCelica: Queen of ValentiaEchoesInfantryGreen TomeLegendary Effect Fire.png
Chrom Crowned Exalt Face FC.webpChrom: Crowned ExaltAwakeningInfantryBlue BowLegendary Effect Water.png
Edelgard Flame Emperor Face FC.webpEdelgard: Flame EmperorThree HousesArmoredGreen AxeLegendary Effect Fire.png
Seliph Scion of Light Face FC.webpSeliph: Scion of LightGenealogy of the Holy WarCavalryRed SwordLegendary Effect Earth.png
Corrin Child of Dusk Face FC.webpCorrin: Child of DuskFatesInfantryColorless BreathLegendary Effect Wind.png
Dimitri Savior King Face FC.webpDimitri: Savior KingThree HousesInfantryBlue LanceLegendary Effect Water.png
Lilina Firelight Leader Face FC.webpLilina: Firelight LeaderThe Binding BladeCavalryRed TomeLegendary Effect Fire.png
Claude King of Unification Face FC.webpClaude: King of UnificationThree HousesFlyingColorless BowLegendary Effect Earth.png
Sigurd Fated Holy Knight Face FC.webpSigurd: Fated Holy KnightGenealogy of the Holy WarCavalryRed SwordLegendary Effect Wind.png
Byleth The Fodlan Star Face FC.webpByleth: The Fódlan StarThree HousesInfantryGreen TomeLegendary Effect Water.png
Micaiah Radiant Queen Face FC.webpMicaiah: Radiant QueenRadiant DawnInfantryColorless TomeLegendary Effect Wind.png
Fae Childlike Dragon Face FC.webpFae: Childlike DragonThe Binding BladeInfantryBlue BreathLegendary Effect Earth.png

In other languages[]

Language Name
English (US) Legendary Heroes
Japanese 伝承英雄
German Legendäre Helden
Spanish (Europe) Héroes Legendarios
Spanish (Latin America) Héroes legendarios
French Héros Légendaires
Italian Eroi Leggendari
Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) 傳承英雄
Portuguese Heróis Lendários

Mythic Heroes[]

Mythic Heroes are heroes who can grant allies certain stat boosts during the Aether Raids Season of their element, if the allies have been conferred the blessing of the same element. They have a special icon on their profile screen which shows their Mythic Effects and Ally Boost.

  • Mythic Effect: One of the four elements (Icon Season Light.png Light, Icon Season Dark.png Dark, Icon Season Astra.png Astra, and Icon Season Anima.png Anima). Shows during which season the Ally Boost takes effect.
  • Ally Boost: Shows which stats get a boost. The boost will only take effect when an ally's Blessing matches with the Mythic Hero's Effect during the corresponding Season.
  • Raiding Party Bonus
  • Defensive Team Bonus

Mythic Effect Table[]

Ally Boost Attack.png
Ally Boost Speed.png
Ally Boost Defense.png
Ally Boost Resistance.png
Mythic Effect Light.png
Freyja: Lady of NightmarePeony: Sweet Dream Ullr: The BowmasterMila: Goddess of LoveDagr: Sun's Radiance Eir: Merciful Death
Mythic Effect Astra.png
Altina: Dawn's Trueblade Reginn: Bearing HopePlumeria: Lewd DreamNaga: Dragon DivinityAshera: Order Goddess
Mythic Effect Dark.png
Bramimond: The EnigmaTriandra: Nightmare Yune: Chaos GoddessHel: Death Sovereign Nótt: Moon's EleganceSothis: Girl on the Throne
Mythic Effect Anima.png
Duma: God of Strength Seiros: Saint of LegendLíf: Lethal SwordsmanÓtr: Kingsbrother Thrasir: Omnicidal WitchMirabilis: Daydream

Ally Boost Table[]

HeroEntryMoveWeaponElementHPAtkSpdDefResSpecial slotRelease date
Eir Merciful Death Face FC.webpEir: Merciful DeathHeroesFlyingColorless DaggerMythic Effect Light.png
Duma God of Strength Face FC.webpDuma: God of StrengthEchoesArmoredColorless BreathMythic Effect Anima.png
Yune Chaos Goddess Face FC.webpYune: Chaos GoddessRadiant DawnFlyingGreen TomeMythic Effect Dark.png
Naga Dragon Divinity Face FC.webpNaga: Dragon DivinityShadow Dragon / (New) Mystery AwakeningFlyingBlue BreathMythic Effect Astra.png
Sothis Girl on the Throne Face FC.webpSothis: Girl on the ThroneThree HousesInfantryRed BreathMythic Effect Dark.png
Thrasir Omnicidal Witch Face FC.webpThrasir: Omnicidal WitchHeroesInfantryGreen TomeMythic Effect Anima.png
Altina Dawns Trueblade Face FC.webpAltina: Dawn's TruebladeRadiant DawnFlyingRed SwordMythic Effect Astra.png
Peony Sweet Dream Face FC.webpPeony: Sweet DreamHeroesFlyingBlue TomeMythic Effect Light.png
Lif Lethal Swordsman Face FC.webpLíf: Lethal SwordsmanHeroesInfantryRed SwordMythic Effect Anima.png
Bramimond The Enigma Face FC.webpBramimond: The EnigmaThe Blazing BladeInfantryColorless TomeMythic Effect Dark.png
Mila Goddess of Love Face FC.webpMila: Goddess of LoveEchoesInfantryColorless BreathMythic Effect Light.png
Mirabilis Daydream Face FC.webpMirabilis: DaydreamHeroesFlyingRed SwordMythic Effect Anima.png
Hel Death Sovereign Face FC.webpHel: Death SovereignHeroesFlyingGreen AxeMythic Effect Dark.png
Plumeria Lewd Dream Face FC.webpPlumeria: Lewd DreamHeroesFlyingRed TomeMythic Effect Astra.png
Triandra Nightmare Face FC.webpTriandra: NightmareHeroesFlyingGreen TomeMythic Effect Dark.png
Freyja Lady of Nightmare Face FC.webpFreyja: Lady of NightmareHeroesCavalryGreen BeastMythic Effect Light.png
Reginn Bearing Hope Face FC.webpReginn: Bearing HopeHeroesCavalryRed SwordMythic Effect Astra.png
Seiros Saint of Legend Face FC.webpSeiros: Saint of LegendThree HousesInfantryBlue BreathMythic Effect Anima.png
Dagr Suns Radiance Face FC.webpDagr: Sun's RadianceHeroesInfantryGreen AxeMythic Effect Light.png
Ashera Order Goddess Face FC.webpAshera: Order GoddessRadiant DawnInfantryColorless TomeMythic Effect Astra.png
Nott Moons Elegance Face FC.webpNótt: Moon's EleganceHeroesInfantryBlue LanceMythic Effect Dark.png
Ullr The Bowmaster Face FC.webpUllr: The BowmasterGenealogy of the Holy WarInfantryBlue BowMythic Effect Light.png
Otr Kingsbrother Face FC.webpÓtr: KingsbrotherHeroesCavalryGreen AxeMythic Effect Anima.png

In other languages[]

Language Name
English (US) Mythic Heroes
Japanese 神階英雄
German Mythische Helden
Spanish (Europe) Héroes Míticos
Spanish (Latin America) Héroes Míticos
French Héros Mythiques
Italian Eroi Mitici
Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) 神階英雄
Portuguese Heróis Míticos


Blessings are the items used to confer a seasonal blessing to an ally.

Item Active Icon Description
Fire Blessing.png
Fire Blessing
Icon LegendFire.png Map Unit Info Fire Blessing.png Used in Confer Blessing. Confers the fire blessing on an ally.
Water Blessing.png
Water Blessing
Icon LegendWater.png Map Unit Info Water Blessing.png Used in Confer Blessing. Confers the water blessing on an ally.
Wind Blessing.png
Wind Blessing
Icon LegendWind.png Map Unit Info Wind Blessing.png Used in Confer Blessing. Confers the wind blessing on an ally.
Earth Blessing.png
Earth Blessing
Icon LegendEarth.png Map Unit Info Earth Blessing.png Used in Confer Blessing. Confers the earth blessing on an ally.
Light Blessing.png
Light Blessing
Icon LegendLight.png Map Unit Info Light Blessing.png Used in Confer Blessing. Confers the light blessing on an ally.
Dark Blessing.png
Dark Blessing
Icon LegendDark.png Map Unit Info Dark Blessing.png Used in Confer Blessing. Confers the dark blessing on an ally.
Astra Blessing.png
Astra Blessing
Icon LegendHeaven.png Map Unit Info Astra Blessing.png Used in Confer Blessing. Confers the astra blessing on an ally.
Anima Blessing.png
Anima Blessing
Icon LegendLogic.png Map Unit Info Anima Blessing.png Used in Confer Blessing. Confers the anima blessing on an ally.

Season Schedule[]

Main article: Seasons

The current seasons are displayed on the upper-left corner of the Home Screen. Each season features 2 of the 4 elements: Icon Season Water.png Water, Icon Season Wind.png Wind, Icon Season Earth.png Earth, and Icon Season Fire.png Fire, and it changes at the same time as the Arena season. Aether Raids seasons rotate between Season Light Dark.png Light/Dark and Season Astra Anima.png Astra/Anima, and the Aether Raids season changes at the same time as the Arena season.


Icons on Units page[]

Icons on Units summary[]


  • Mythic Heroes were originally intended to only be godlike characters from the Fire Emblem series.[1]

In other languages[]

Language Name
Japanese 祝福付与
German Segnen
Spanish (Europe) Conferir bendición
Spanish (Latin America) Conferir bendición
French Bénédiction
Italian Conferisci Dono
Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) 賦予祝福
Portuguese Conferir dádiva


  1. Only godlike characters from the Fire Emblem series can become Mythic Heroes.Notification: What's in Store for the 3.0.0 Update