Colorless bow

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Colorless bow
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Bow. Physical weapon. Range: 2. Damage reduced by target's Def. Extra damage to flying foes.

Bow weapons are a weapon type in Fire Emblem Heroes.

List of Colorless Bow users[edit source]

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Sources of "Effective against colorless bow foes"[edit | edit source]

List of Weapons

Unrefined weapons related to this keyword

Weapon Description
Feather Sword Grants Atk+3. Effective against sword, lance, axe, colorless bow, and armored foes. If foe initiates combat and is armored or uses sword, lance, axe, or colorless bow, or if unit's HP ≤ 75%, unit can counterattack before foe's first attack.

Weapons related to this keyword when refined

None, currently.

Weapons related to this keyword when refined with a certain skill

None, currently.

List of Assists

None, currently.

List of Specials

None, currently.

List of Passives

None, currently.

List of items

None, currently.

List of structures

None, currently.

List of Duo Skills

None, currently.

List of Harmonized Skills

None, currently.

In other languages[edit | edit source]

Language Name
Japanese 無の弓
German Farbloser Bogen
Spanish (Europe) Arco Gris
Spanish (Latin America) Arco Gris
French Arc Gris
Italian Arco Neutro
Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) 無弓
Portuguese Arco Neutro