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Hey. I'm a handy guy to have around. I know I can help you out. You won't regret taking me on, I swear!

俺は腕利きだし、きっと役に立つぜ! あんたたちに俺がいて良かったって 思わせてやるからな!


Neimi and I... We've got no home to return to. It's up to me to make sure we don't go through that again.

俺にはもう帰る故郷はないんだ。 ネイミーにも…… だから俺が守ってやるんだ。

You may see my path as a dark road...but some of us don't know anything other than a thief's life.

自分でもわかっちゃいたさ。 盗賊なんて薄汚れた生き方…… でもそれしか知らない奴らもいるんだよ。

You look tired. My mother taught me a secret remedy...I think it was for pimples, but it helps insomnia too!

これさ、俺の母親直伝の寝付け酒。 ほとんど酔わなくて、すーっと眠れるんだ。 ほしけりゃ一声かけてくれよな。

I'm gonna have a quick look around the enemy camp. Backup? Nah, it'll be easier if I go alone.

ちょっと敵さんの陣地へ 探りを入れてくるぜ。 心配するなよ、1人で大丈夫さ。

Oof! Sorry for bumping into you. Huh? Oh, relax. I didn't pickpocket anything...this time. Ha ha!

おっとごめんよぉ~。 …心配すんなって、 別に何も盗んでねえよ。

Friend greeting[]

You're [Summoner], right?
Good. Here, this is for you. And with that, my job here is done. Later!

[Summoner]ってあんた? へへっ、これあずかって来たからさ。 じゃあ俺はこれで!

Leveling up[]

+[4,5] points[]

How do you like that? Pretty good, huh? Ha ha ha! Oh, please. You're embarrassing me...

な、俺だってやるときゃやるんだよ。 はは、よせよ照れるぜ!

+[2,3] points[]

Great! This is so encouraging! With this, I can continue fighting for my friends!

よぉっし! 仲間のために俺、頑張るぜ!

+[0,1] points[]

I can't stop now... Neimi needs me... I have to push through this!

俺がネイミーを守ってやんなきゃ……! こんなところで止まってられないんだ!

Ally Growth[]

You value my service? Neat! This will help me pay you back twice over.

そう思ってもらえてるんだ、俺。 よっし! 望むところだぜ。

5★ LV. 40 conversation[]

Focusing on your enemies is good and all, but what about your friends? Aren't they just as important?
In my opinion, Prince Alfonse and everyone else are a lot like Prince Ephraim and Princess Eirika.
I mean, they both have a strong sense of justice and a pure heart, but that's just what worries me.
Sometimes people with their head in the clouds need friends like us to keep them grounded, you know?
I just want what's best for Askr, so that no other village gets torched by bandits like mine did.

[Summoner]さ。 敵もいいけど味方を知るのも大事なんだぜ。 あんたならわかってると思うけどさ。
この国のさ、アスク王国だっけ。 アルフォンス王子たちを見てると ルネスのおふたりを思い出すんだよな。
眩しいくらいにまっすぐで、 けど、まっすぐ過ぎて 見てるこっちがハラハラしちまう。
だから、あんたがしっかり 傍についててやんないとな。
俺はこの国の無事を願ってるだけだよ。 賊に故郷を焼かれるような荒れた世界には なってほしくないんだ……それだけさ。


Audio Transcription
How 'bout that!?
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Audio Transcription

Special trigger[]

Audio Transcription
Sorry about this!
Light work.
And here we go!
Guaranteed results!
Audio Transcription


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Audio Transcription

Status page[]

Audio Transcription Rarity
Ha! 1★
Name's Colm. I'm a handy guy to have around. I know I can help you out. 1★
What? I didn't steal anything! Seriously! 1★
Prince Ephraim hates studying. He's just like me! 1★
Neimi and I... We've got no home to return to. 4★
People in my... profession... have sharp eyes. Far-off enemies? I'll spot 'em. 4★
Neimi... I'm the only one who can make you cry. 5★
Stick with me—I promise you won't regret your decision. 5★
Audio Transcription Rarity
へへっ 1★
コーマだ。俺は腕利きだし、きっと役に立つぜ。 1★
うわっ!? な、何だよ。何も盗んだりしてねえって! 1★
エフラム様って、俺と同じくらい勉強嫌いらしいぜ。 1★
俺とネイミーには、帰る村はもうないんだ。 4★
俺みたいな盗賊は目が利くからな。遠くの敵だって見通せるぜ。 4★
ネイミー…お前を泣かせていいのは俺だけなんだぜ。 5★
あんたに、俺がいてよかったって、思わせてやるからな! 5★

Turn action[]

Audio Transcription
Fine with me.
Don't worry.
Audio Transcription

Story appearances

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Works for me. A job like this
shouldn’t take more than three
days. Sit tight!

Colm: Capable Thief,
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