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Call of the Sea - Special Hero Gift
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Call of the Sea - Special Hero Gift
Featured units
Start date2020-06-18
End date2020-07-02
DescriptionTo celebrate the appearance of this year's summertime Special Heroes, past Heroes dressed for some fun in the sun have gathered together for this event, and you'll have a chance to summon one of them at 5★ rarity without spending any Orbs! (Notification)

Appearance rates

See Summonable Heroes for a full table of the regular pool of summonable heroes.
RarityAppearance rate
5★ Focus100.00%


Number of units in a pool
5★ Focus
Orb color distribution
At least one68.90%76.27%76.27%82.17%
Specific Hero rates (any rarity)
HeroAppearance rateHero Rate | Orb color
Helbindi: Seaside Scourge4.17%Red Orb.png
Tiki: Beachside Scion4.17%Red Orb.png
Lilina: Beachside Bloom4.17%Red Orb.png
Tana: Noble and Nimble4.17%Red Orb.png
Leo: Seashore's Prince4.17%Red Orb.png
Cordelia: Knight Paradise4.17%Blue Orb.png
Robin: Seaside Tactician4.17%Blue Orb.png
Lyn: Lady of the Beach4.17%Blue Orb.png
Camilla: Tropical Beauty4.17%Blue Orb.png
Corrin: Novice Vacationer4.17%Blue Orb.png
Laegjarn: Burning Sun4.17%Blue Orb.png
Tiki: Summering Scion4.17%Green Orb.png
Innes: Flawless Form4.17%Green Orb.png
Xander: Student Swimmer4.17%Green Orb.png
Wolt: Sunbeam Archer4.17%Green Orb.png
Elise: Tropical Flower4.17%Green Orb.png
Laevatein: Bonfire's Blaze4.17%Green Orb.png
Gaius: Thief Exposed4.17%Colorless Orb.png
Takumi: Prince at Play4.17%Colorless Orb.png
Noire: Shade Seeker4.17%Colorless Orb.png
Ursula: Clear-Blue Crow4.17%Colorless Orb.png
Gunnthrá: Beaming Smile4.17%Colorless Orb.png
Frederick: Horizon Watcher4.17%Colorless Orb.png
Linde: Summer Rays4.17%Colorless Orb.png
5★ Hero rates
Appearance rate5★ rate | Orb color
Red20.83%Red Orb.png
Blue25.00%Blue Orb.png
Green25.00%Green Orb.png
Colorless29.17%Colorless Orb.png
Average Orbs cost
Non 3/4★5 Orb.png ≈ 1 Any Orb.png5 Orb.png ≈ 1 Red Orb.png5 Orb.png ≈ 1 Blue Orb.png5 Orb.png ≈ 1 Green Orb.png5 Orb.png ≈ 1 Colorless Orb.png
5★ Focus5 Orb.png ≈ 1 Any Orb.png5 Orb.png ≈ 1 Red Orb.png5 Orb.png ≈ 1 Blue Orb.png5 Orb.png ≈ 1 Green Orb.png5 Orb.png ≈ 1 Colorless Orb.png
  • The orb color distribution table displays the chances for a certain orb color to appear.
    • Individual: The chance for a randomly selected orb to be a certain color.
    • All: The chance for all orbs to be a certain color.
    • At least one: Chance for at least one of this orb color to show up in a summoning session.
    • None: Chance for no orbs of this color to show up in a summoning session.
  • The Hero rates tables shows the chances for specific Heroes.
    • Appearance rate: Individual appearance rate. This is the chance for a randomly selected orb to contain the Hero. This includes all focus and non-focus rarities for the Hero. This rate × 5 is the chance for the Hero to show up at all in one of the 5 orbs in a summoning session.
    • Rate | Orb color: The chance to summon a specific Hero given that their orb color has appeared and is being summoned from. This is dependent on color distribution of units in all the pools. This includes all rarities focus and non-focus rarities of the Hero.
  • The average orb cost table displays the average number of summons and their corresponding average number of {{It|Orb}}s required to obtain a desired kind of Hero.
    • Any: All 5 orbs of a summoning sessions are used, independently of their color.
    • Red, Blue, Green, Colorless: Only the orbs of the corresponding color are selected. The cost of a summon is inversely proportional to the distribution of its color.
For more detailed information, see Summon#Color Distribution.


HeroWeaponAssistSpecialPassive APassive BPassive C
Iron Sword
Steel Sword
Sandfort Spade
Sandfort Spade+
Rally Defense
Rally Atk/Def
Rally Atk/Def+
R Duel Infantry 1
R Duel Infantry 2
R Duel Infantry 3
Panic Ploy 1
Panic Ploy 2
Panic Ploy 3
Fire Breath
Fire Breath+
Summer's Breath
New Moon
Atk/Def Bond 1
Atk/Def Bond 2
Atk/Def Bond 3
Hit and RunDragon Valor 1
Dragon Valor 2
Dragon Valor 3
Iron Dagger
Steel Dagger
Broadleaf Fan
Broadleaf Fan+
Rally Resistance
Rally Up Res
Rally Up Res+
Atk/Res Solo 1
Atk/Res Solo 2
Atk/Res Solo 3
Sabotage Def 1
Sabotage Def 2
Sabotage Def 3
Atk Opening 1
Atk Opening 2
Atk Opening 3
Fruit of Iðunn
Rally Speed
Rally Spd/Res
Atk/Spd Push 1
Atk/Spd Push 2
Atk/Spd Push 3
Renewal 1
Renewal 2
Renewal 3
Spur Def 1
Spur Atk/Def 1
Spur Atk/Def 2
Tomato Tome
Tomato Tome+
Chilling Wind
Seal Res 1
Seal Res 2
Seal Res 3
Atk Ploy 1
Atk Ploy 2
Atk Ploy 3
Iron Lance
Steel Lance
Shell Lance
Shell Lance+
Harsh CommandArmored Blow 1
Sturdy Blow 1
Sturdy Blow 2
Dull Close 1
Dull Close 2
Dull Close 3
Iron Lance
Steel Lance
Deft Harpoon
Deft Harpoon+
RepositionDefense +1
HP/Def 1
HP/Def 2
Lance Valor 1
Lance Valor 2
Lance Valor 3
Iron Bow
Steel Bow
Silver Bow
Deep-Blue Bow
RepositionDeath Blow 1
Sturdy Blow 1
Sturdy Blow 2
Sturdy Impact
Atk/Spd Link 1
Atk/Spd Link 2
Atk/Spd Link 3
Distant Guard 1
Distant Guard 2
Distant Guard 3
Juicy Wave
Juicy Wave+
Dragon Gaze
Draconic Aura
Death Blow 1
Death Blow 2
Death Blow 3
Flier Formation 1
Flier Formation 2
Flier Formation 3
Hone Atk 1
Hone Atk 2
Hone Fliers
Sealife Tome
Sealife Tome+
Dragon Gaze
Dragon Fang
Darting Blow 1
Swift Strike 1
Swift Strike 2
Fortify Res 1
Fortify Res 2
Fortify Fliers
Worldsea Wave
RepositionDarting Blow 1
Swift Sparrow 1
Swift Sparrow 2
Swift Sparrow 3
Flier Formation 1
Flier Formation 2
Flier Formation 3
Hone Spd 1
Hone Spd 2
Hone Fliers
Iron Axe
Steel Axe
Melon Crusher
Melon Crusher+
Close Def 1
Close Def 2
Close Def 3
Axe Valor 1
Axe Valor 2
Axe Valor 3
Iron Axe
Steel Axe
Beach Banner
Beach Banner+
Rally Defense
Rally Atk/Def
Def Feint 1
Def Feint 2
Def Feint 3
Spur Atk 1
Spur Atk 2
Goad Fliers
Iron Axe
Steel Axe
Lilith Floatie
Lilith Floatie+
Glowing Ember
Fire Boost 1
Fire Boost 2
Fire Boost 3
Infantry Pulse 1
Infantry Pulse 2
Infantry Pulse 3
Iron Bow
Steel Bow
Big-Catch Bow
Big-Catch Bow+
Draw BackBrazen Atk/Spd 1
Brazen Atk/Spd 2
Brazen Atk/Spd 3
Brazen Atk/Spd 4
Chill Spd 1
Chill Spd 2
Chill Spd 3
Hibiscus Tome
Hibiscus Tome+
Rally Attack
Rally Atk/Res
Speed +1
Spd/Res 1
Spd/Res 2
G Tome Valor 1
G Tome Valor 2
G Tome Valor 3
SmiteDeath Blow 1
Mirror Strike 1
Mirror Strike 2
Mirror Impact
Def/Res Link 1
Def/Res Link 2
Def/Res Link 3
Odd Atk Wave 1
Odd Atk Wave 2
Odd Atk Wave 3
Iron Bow
Steel Bow
Refreshing Bolt
Refreshing Bolt+
Night Sky
Vantage 1
Vantage 2
Vantage 3
Def Ploy 1
Def Ploy 2
Def Ploy 3
Iron Bow
Steel Bow
Fishie Bow
Fishie Bow+
Night Sky
Fury 1
Fury 2
Fury 3
Odd Res Wave 1
Odd Res Wave 2
Odd Res Wave 3
Iron Bow
Steel Bow
Ardent SacrificeSpeed +1
Atk/Spd 1
Atk/Spd 2
Infantry Rush 1
Infantry Rush 2
Infantry Rush 3
Iron Dagger
Steel Dagger
Scallop Blade
Scallop Blade+
Rally Speed
Rally Atk/Spd
Rally Atk/Spd+
Def/Res Ruse 1
Def/Res Ruse 2
Def/Res Ruse 3
Even Res Wave 1
Even Res Wave 2
Even Res Wave 3
Iron Dagger
Steel Dagger
Tropical Treats
Tropical Treats+
Rally Resistance
Rally Def/Res
Rally Def/Res+
AR-O Spd/Res 1
AR-O Spd/Res 2
AR-O Spd/Res 3
Disarm Trap 1
Disarm Trap 2
Disarm Trap 3
Iron Dagger
Steel Dagger
Ardent SacrificeArmored Blow 1
Armored Blow 2
Armored Blow 3
Seal Spd 1
Seal Atk/Spd 1
Seal Atk/Spd 2
Iron Dagger
Steel Dagger
Ardent SacrificeBrazen Atk/Res 1
Brazen Atk/Res 2
Brazen Atk/Res 3
Cancel Affinity 1
Cancel Affinity 2
Cancel Affinity 3

Level 40 stats

Helbindi Seaside Scourge Face FC.png Helbindi: Seaside Scourge41/44/4733/36/3914/18/2134/37/4130/33/36
Tiki Beachside Scion Face FC.png Tiki: Beachside Scion37/40/4330/33/3633/37/4029/32/3522/26/29
Lilina Beachside Bloom Face FC.png Lilina: Beachside Bloom32/35/3835/38/4222/25/2912/16/1932/35/38
Tana Noble and Nimble Face FC.png Tana: Noble and Nimble32/35/3930/33/3633/36/3917/20/2322/25/29
Leo Seashores Prince Face FC.png Leo: Seashore's Prince34/37/4129/32/3523/27/3013/16/2032/35/38
Cordelia Knight Paradise Face FC.png Cordelia: Knight Paradise38/41/4429/32/3535/38/4124/28/3114/18/21
Robin Seaside Tactician Face FC.png Robin: Seaside Tactician32/35/3829/32/3531/34/3724/28/3125/29/32
Lyn Lady of the Beach Face FC.png Lyn: Lady of the Beach34/37/4130/33/3635/38/4117/20/2323/27/30
Camilla Tropical Beauty Face FC.png Camilla: Tropical Beauty35/39/4230/33/3633/36/3920/23/2616/19/22
Corrin Novice Vacationer Face FC.png Corrin: Novice Vacationer31/34/3728/31/3431/34/3719/22/2523/26/30
Laegjarn Burning Sun Face FC.png Laegjarn: Burning Sun34/37/4131/34/3734/37/4017/20/2318/21/24
Tiki Summering Scion Face FC.png Tiki: Summering Scion32/35/3833/36/3927/30/3329/32/3521/24/27
Innes Flawless Form Face FC.png Innes: Flawless Form39/42/4530/33/3634/37/4027/30/3317/20/23
Xander Student Swimmer Face FC.png Xander: Student Swimmer40/43/4629/32/3527/30/3333/36/3913/16/20
Wolt Sunbeam Archer Face FC.png Wolt: Sunbeam Archer36/40/4331/34/3731/34/3722/25/2913/17/20
Elise Tropical Flower Face FC.png Elise: Tropical Flower31/34/3733/36/3931/34/3715/18/2122/25/29
Laevatein Bonfires Blaze Face FC.png Laevatein: Bonfire's Blaze34/38/4135/38/4213/16/2028/31/3423/26/30
Gaius Thief Exposed Face FC.png Gaius: Thief Exposed31/34/3726/30/3334/37/4016/19/2224/28/31
Takumi Prince at Play Face FC.png Takumi: Prince at Play36/40/4332/35/3832/35/3818/21/2416/19/22
Noire Shade Seeker Face FC.png Noire: Shade Seeker33/36/4029/32/3533/36/3923/27/3017/20/23
Ursula Clear-Blue Crow Face FC.png Ursula: Clear-Blue Crow33/36/4033/36/3931/34/3712/16/1924/28/31
Gunnthra Beaming Smile Face FC.png Gunnthrá: Beaming Smile35/39/4230/33/3634/37/4013/17/2021/24/28
Frederick Horizon Watcher Face FC.png Frederick: Horizon Watcher36/40/4329/32/3528/31/3424/28/3114/18/21
Linde Summer Rays Face FC.png Linde: Summer Rays30/33/3631/34/3732/35/3812/16/1923/26/30

In other languages[]

Language Name
Japanese ???
German ???
Spanish (Europe) ???
Spanish (Latin America) Regalo Especial: La voz del mar
French ???
Italian ???
Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) ???
Portuguese ???