Book V Midpoint Celebration (Notification)

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Book V Midpoint Celebration

The second half of Book V of the main story, set in a world where magic and science have been fused into something called seiðjárn, has begun!

Clear Book V Midpoint Quests and make 5★ Hero Tatiana: Devoted Saint your ally!

There will also be 13 daily summoning events featuring Heroes with certain skills! Your first summon in these event won't cost any Orbs, so that's a total of 13 free summons!

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Strengthen your Heroes and Teams and put an end to the Niðavellir military's onslaught!

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We are holding a series of events to commemorate the start of the second half of Book V of the main story called the Book V Midpoint Celebration.

Book V Midpoint Quests!
Active: to

A series of quests that task you with completing the story in Book V until now are available! Clear maps while fulfilling certain conditions to make 2 of 5★ New Hero Tatiana: Devoted Saint your ally!

Hero banner Tatiana Devoted Saint.jpg
To see an illustrated page introducing this Hero, tap here.

Cleric of the Rigelian Empire who tends toward
thoughtlessness, but she's also very generous
and loves Zeke deeply. Appears in Fire Emblem
Echoes: Shadows of Valentia.

Skills learnable at 5★:

News icon new skill.pngIcon Skill Weapon.pngBlárrabbit+
Mt: 12 Range: 2
During unit's first combat in player phase or
enemy phase, grants Atk/Res+5 to unit and
restores 7 HP to unit after combat.

Icon Skill Assist.pngArdent Sacrifice
Range: 1
Restores 10 HP to target ally. Unit loses 10 HP
but cannot go below 1.
Cannot use: Icon Class Colorless Staff.png

Swift Stance 2.pngSwift Stance 2
If foe initiates combat, grants Spd/Res+4 during
Cannot use: Icon Class Colorless Staff.png

Atk Opening 3.pngAtk Opening 3
At start of turn, grants Atk+6 to ally with the
highest Atk for 1 turn. (Excludes unit.)

"Don't let the little things get you down. I can be clumsy, but I always bounce back, and you can too!"

Take this opportunity to play the Book V maps and get quest rewards such as 3 Orbs, 120 Divine Codes (Part 2), 10,000 Universal Shards, and 15,000 Universal Crystals!

・ Tatiana: Devoted Saint will appear as a 4★ or 3★ Hero starting with a Legendary Hero summoning event at the end of the month.
・ For an explanation of how each of these in-game items are used, please refer to the About Items section at the end of this notification.

■ Book V Midpoint Present!
Active: to

We are distributing Log-In Bonuses from which you can get 110 of 4 types of Dragonflowers and 10 Trait Fruit!

Note: These Log-In Bonuses can be collected for up to 10 days during the event period above.

■ Daily Summoning Focus!

Active: to
13 summoning events featuring Heroes with certain skills are back as daily summoning event revivals! Be sure to check them out and try summoning for any skills or Heroes that might help round out your teams!

Note: You can see the focus Heroes for each event by tapping on the summoning event title.

・ Starts . Chill
・ Starts . Blazing Wind
・ Starts . Aerobatics
・ Starts . Even Wave
・ Starts . Solo
・ Starts . Lull
・ Starts . Draconic Aura
・ Starts . Link
・ Starts . Iceberg
・ Starts . Bonfire
・ Starts . Foil Counter
・ Starts . Infantry Pulse
・ Starts . Luna

■ Quintuple EXP & SP Events!
Active: to and to

Earn quintuple EXP and SP from battle during these events! Don't miss this opportunity to level up your Heroes and teach them skills!

■ Double EXP & SP Events!
Active: to and to

Earn double EXP and SP from battle while these events are active! This is a great time to develop the Heroes you haven't gotten around to yet!

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Do you think the Heroes are going to be OK? *shudder*

About Items
Divine Code.pngDivine Code

Exchanged for Combat Manuals that can be used to merge your Heroes or inherit skills.
Universal Shard.pngUniversal Shard
Used to level up allies of any type level 19 or lower.
Universal Crystal.pngUniversal Crystal
Used to level up allies of any type level 20 or higher.
Dragonflower I.pngDragonflower
Used to boost the stats of your Heroes. Can only be used on Heroes of the corresponding movement type (red for infantry, green for armored, yellow for cavalry, and blue for flying).
Trait Fruit.pngTrait Fruit
Use 100 Trait Fruit to change a Hero's traits (their assets and flaws) once.

To see your in-game inventory of items, tap Misc., then Inventory.