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Book IV Mid: Mirabilis and More
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Book IV Mid: Mirabilis and More
Featured units
Start date2020-06-05
End date2020-06-30
DescriptionFrom the story of Book IV, Mythic Hero Mirabilis Daydream Face FC.webp Mirabilis: Daydream, along with New Heroes from the Fire Emblem Awakening game, Anna Secret Seller Face FC.webp Anna: Secret Seller, Sayri Chonsins Blade Face FC.webp Say'ri: Chon'sin's Blade, and Mustafa Plegian Champion Face FC.webp Mustafa: Plegian Champion are available as part of a 5★ summoning focus! (Notification)

Appearance rates

See Summonable Heroes for a full table of the regular pool of summonable heroes.
RarityAppearance rate
5★ Focus3.00%
4★ Focus3.00%
For more detailed information, see Summon#Color Distribution.


HeroWeaponAssistSpecialPassive APassive BPassive C
Iron Axe
Steel Axe
Barrier Axe
Barrier Axe+
Glowing Ember
Water Boost 1
Water Boost 2
Water Boost 3
Def Tactic 1
Def Tactic 2
Def Tactic 3
Iron Sword
Steel Sword
Silver Sword
Chilling Wind
Darting Stance 1
Kestrel Stance 1
Kestrel Stance 2
Kestrel Stance 3
Close Call 1
Close Call 2
Close Call 3
Iron Sword
Steel Sword
Silver Sword
Flower of Ease
Whimsical Dream
Fortress Res 1
Fort. Def/Res 1
Fort. Def/Res 2
Fort. Def/Res 3
Sabotage Def 1
Sabotage Def 2
Sabotage Def 3
Def/Res Gap 1
Def/Res Gap 2
Def/Res Gap 3
Iron Lance
Steel Lance
Silver Lance
Apotheosis Spear
Rally Attack
Rally Atk/Spd
Rally Atk/Spd+
Atk/Spd Form 1
Atk/Spd Form 2
Atk/Spd Form 3
Atk/Spd Ruse 1
Atk/Spd Ruse 2
Atk/Spd Ruse 3
Spur Spd 1
Drive Spd 1
Drive Spd 2
Joint Drive Spd

Level 40 stats

Mustafa: Plegian Champion Mustafa: Plegian Champion42/45/4835/38/4122/25/2933/36/3924/28/31
Say'ri: Chon'sin's Blade Say'ri: Chon'sin's Blade36/40/4332/35/3837/40/4420/23/2631/34/37
Mirabilis: Daydream Mirabilis: Daydream34/38/4131/34/3714/18/2129/32/3532/35/38
Anna: Secret Seller Anna: Secret Seller35/38/4232/35/3837/40/4424/28/3128/31/34


In other languages[]

Language Name
Japanese ???
German ???
Spanish (Europe) ???
Spanish (Latin America) ???
French ???
Italian ???
Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) ???
Portuguese ???