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Tip Blessed Gardens

"Those who are blessed, do battle!"

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"A heavenly domain where vast treasure sleeps..." That's how the legends describe these ancient gardens. Only Legendary Heroes and Heroes who have had a blessing conferred on them can enter these hallowed grounds.

Blessed Gardens is a game mode designed for units who use the Confer Blessing system. Clearing these mode will earn Orb Orbs, Hero Feather Feathers, Divine Dew Divine Dew and all four kinds of blessings.

Rules[ | ]

  • Only Heroes who are associated with the Water Blessing Water Blessing can set foot in the Garden of Water. The same rule applies to the other three gardens with their respective elements.
  • The player's team must have four allies and may not contain duplicates.
  • All four allies must survive and Lights Blessing Light's Blessing cannot be used.

List of Gardens[ | ]

The Blessed Gardens launched with four maps for each garden. New maps were added every Sunday at 7:00 AM UTC until the map that was added on , after which Blessed Grounds maps were added in their place. All of the gardens are based on past Paralogue Maps.

Garden of Water[ | ]

Map nameRewardsUnits
Water 1: Main GatesOrb 5Wind Blessing 2 (Normal)
Water 2: Winding PathWind Blessing 2Hero Feather 2,000 (Hard)
Water 3: StatuaryWind Blessing 1Divine Dew 20 (Lunatic)
Water 4: ArborOrb 5Wind Blessing 1 (Lunatic)
Water 5: GrottoWind Blessing 1Hero Feather 2,000 (Lunatic)
Water 6: SanctuaryWind Blessing 1Divine Dew 20 (Infernal)
Water 7: ColonnadeOrb 5Wind Blessing 1 (Lunatic)
Water 8: BridgeWind Blessing 1Hero Feather 2,000 (Infernal)
Water 9: FountainWind Blessing 1Divine Dew 20 (Lunatic)
Water 10: TerraceOrb 5Wind Blessing 1 (Infernal)

Garden of Wind[ | ]

Map nameRewardsUnits
Wind 1: Main GatesEarth Blessing 2Hero Feather 2,000 (Normal)
Wind 2: Winding PathEarth Blessing 2Divine Dew 20 (Hard)
Wind 3: StatuaryOrb 5Earth Blessing 1 (Lunatic)
Wind 4: ArborEarth Blessing 1Hero Feather 2,000 (Lunatic)
Wind 5: GrottoEarth Blessing 1Divine Dew 20 (Lunatic)
Wind 6: SanctuaryOrb 5Earth Blessing 1 (Infernal)
Wind 7: ColonnadeEarth Blessing 1Hero Feather 2,000 (Lunatic)
Wind 8: BridgeEarth Blessing 1Divine Dew 20 (Infernal)
Wind 9: FountainOrb 5Earth Blessing 1 (Lunatic)
Wind 10: TerraceEarth Blessing 1Hero Feather 2,000 (Infernal)

Garden of Earth[ | ]

Map nameRewardsUnits
Earth 1: Main GatesFire Blessing 2Divine Dew 20 (Normal)
Earth 2: Winding PathOrb 5Fire Blessing 2 (Hard)
Earth 3: StatuaryFire Blessing 1Hero Feather 2,000 (Lunatic)
Earth 4: ArborFire Blessing 1Divine Dew 20 (Lunatic)
Earth 5: GrottoOrb 5Fire Blessing 1 (Lunatic)
Earth 6: SanctuaryFire Blessing 1Hero Feather 2,000 (Infernal)
Earth 7: ColonnadeFire Blessing 1Divine Dew 20 (Lunatic)
Earth 8: BridgeOrb 5Fire Blessing 1 (Infernal)
Earth 9: FountainFire Blessing 1Hero Feather 2,000 (Lunatic)
Earth 10: TerraceFire Blessing 1Divine Dew 20 (Infernal)

Garden of Fire[ | ]

Map nameRewardsUnits
Fire 1: Main GatesOrb 5Water Blessing 2 (Normal)
Fire 2: Winding PathWater Blessing 2Hero Feather 2,000 (Hard)
Fire 3: StatuaryWater Blessing 1Divine Dew 20 (Lunatic)
Fire 4: ArborOrb 5Water Blessing 1 (Lunatic)
Fire 5: GrottoWater Blessing 1Hero Feather 2,000 (Lunatic)
Fire 6: SanctuaryWater Blessing 1Divine Dew 20 (Infernal)
Fire 7: ColonnadeOrb 5Water Blessing 1 (Lunatic)
Fire 8: BridgeWater Blessing 1Hero Feather 2,000 (Infernal)
Fire 9: FountainWater Blessing 1Divine Dew 20 (Lunatic)
Fire 10: TerraceOrb 5Water Blessing 1 (Infernal)

List of Grounds[ | ]

Blessed Grounds are challenge with several different maps which need several different teams of Blessed Heroes or Legendary Heroes. They have the same rules as Blessed Gardens and Squad Assault.

Grounds of Water[ | ]

Map nameRewardsUnits
Water 1Wind Blessing 1Hero Feather 2,000 (Lunatic)
Water 2Wind Blessing 1Divine Dew 20 (Infernal)
Water 3Orb 5Wind Blessing 1 (Infernal)
Water 4Wind Blessing 1Hero Feather 2,000 (Infernal)
Water 5Wind Blessing 1Divine Dew 20 (Infernal)
Water 6Orb 5Wind Blessing 1 (Infernal)
Water 7Wind Blessing 1Divine Dew 20 (Infernal)
Water 8Orb 5Wind Blessing 1 (Infernal)
Water 9Wind Blessing 1Divine Dew 20 (Infernal)
Water 10Orb 5Wind Blessing 1 (Infernal)

Grounds of Wind[ | ]

Map nameRewardsUnits
Wind 1Earth Blessing 1Divine Dew 20 (Lunatic)
Wind 2Orb 5Earth Blessing 1 (Infernal)
Wind 3Earth Blessing 1Hero Feather 2,000 (Infernal)
Wind 4Earth Blessing 1Divine Dew 20 (Infernal)
Wind 5Orb 5Earth Blessing 1 (Infernal)
Wind 6Earth Blessing 1Hero Feather 2,000 (Infernal)
Wind 7Orb 5Earth Blessing 1 (Infernal)
Wind 8Earth Blessing 1Hero Feather 2,000 (Infernal)
Wind 9Orb 5Earth Blessing 1 (Infernal)
Wind 10Earth Blessing 1Hero Feather 2,000 (Infernal)

Grounds of Earth[ | ]

Map nameRewardsUnits
Earth 1Orb 5Fire Blessing 1 (Lunatic)
Earth 2Fire Blessing 1Hero Feather 2,000 (Infernal)
Earth 3Fire Blessing 1Divine Dew 20 (Infernal)
Earth 4Orb 5Fire Blessing 1 (Infernal)
Earth 5Fire Blessing 1Hero Feather 2,000 (Infernal)
Earth 6Fire Blessing 1Divine Dew 20 (Infernal)
Earth 7Fire Blessing 1Hero Feather 2,000 (Infernal)
Earth 8Fire Blessing 1Divine Dew 20 (Infernal)
Earth 9Fire Blessing 1Hero Feather 2,000 (Infernal)
Earth 10Fire Blessing 1Divine Dew 20 (Infernal)

Grounds of Fire[ | ]

Map nameRewardsUnits
Fire 1Water Blessing 1Hero Feather 2,000 (Lunatic)
Fire 2Water Blessing 1Divine Dew 20 (Infernal)
Fire 3Orb 5Water Blessing 1 (Infernal)
Fire 4Water Blessing 1Hero Feather 2,000 (Infernal)
Fire 5Water Blessing 1Divine Dew 20 (Infernal)
Fire 6Orb 5Water Blessing 1 (Infernal)
Fire 7Water Blessing 1Divine Dew 20 (Infernal)
Fire 8Orb 5Water Blessing 1 (Infernal)
Fire 9Water Blessing 1Divine Dew 20 (Infernal)
Fire 10Orb 5Water Blessing 1 (Infernal)

Trivia[ | ]

In other languages[ | ]

Language Name
Japanese 四天の庭園
German Gesegnete Gärten
Spanish (Europe) Jardines benditos
Spanish (Latin America) Jardines benditos
French Jardins bénis
Italian Parchi dei Doni
Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) 四天庭園
Portuguese Jardins abençoados