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In the Allies Menu you can manage your Heroes and their Teams, learn and equip new skills, and make them stronger in the Advanced Growth menu.

Allies Menu as in version 2.11.0

Edit Teams[]

It is possible to create up to 20 teams which can be used for battle. Teams can consist of any combination of four or less Heroes, for example:

  • Team 1: Gwendolyn Adorable Knight Face FC.webpPane 4.png Eliwood Devoted Love Face FC.webpPane Plus.png Cherche Wyvern Friend Face FC.webpPane 5.png Wrys Kindly Priest Face FC.webpPane 3.png
  • Team 2: Reinhardt Thunders Sword Face FC.webpPane Plus.png Lyn Lady of the Wind Face FC.webpPane Plus.png Cecilia Etrurian General Face FC.webpPane Plus.png Sigurd Holy Knight Face FC.webpPane Plus.png
  • Team 3: Lucina Future Witness Face FC.webpPane 5.png Lucina Spring Exalt Face FC.webpPane 5.png Lucina Brave Princess Face FC.webpPane 5.png Lucina Glorious Archer Face FC.webpPane 5.png
  • Team 4: Bartre Fearless Warrior Face FC.webpPane Plus.png Bartre Fearless Warrior Face FC.webpPane Plus.png Bartre Fearless Warrior Face FC.webpPane Plus.png Bartre Fearless Warrior Face FC.webpPane Plus.png
  • Team 5: Effie Army of One Face FC.webpPane 5.png Blank.pngPane 1.png Blank.pngPane 1.png Blank.pngPane 1.png

Teams can be named (up to 12 characters), and it is possible to set one defensive team for the Arena, which is marked by a shield icon Icon Arena Defense.png.
The leftmost Hero on the very first team is your leader, and represents you while visiting your friends' Castles, and on the various leaderboards.

Ally Growth[]

Ally Growth

Level Up[]

Here it is possible to level up Heroes by using Shards and Crystals. Shards are used to level up Heroes from levels 1 to 19, while crystals are used for level 20 and higher. Scarlet, azure, verdant, and transparent-colored Shards and Crystals are used for red, blue, green and colorless Heroes respectively, while universal-colored shards and crystals can be used to replace any of them.

Levels Amount Needed
1 - 19 5108
20 - 40 35019

Learn Skills[]

Skill Points (SP) can be used to learn new skills. SP can be earned by defeating enemies and leveling up Heroes, while new skills can be Unlocked or Inherited.

Inherit Skill[]

Main article: Inherit Skill

Inherit Skill is a feature that allows a Hero to learn skills from another Hero.

  • Note: Favorited Heroes can receive a skill, but can not be used as the inheriter. They must first be unfavorited.

Unlock Potential[]

Main article: Unlock Potential

Unlock Potential is the process of upgrading a character's star rarity with  Hero Feathers and Badges.

Use Dragonflowers[]

Main article: Use Dragonflowers

Dragonflowers can be obtained from Heroic Ordeals or Aether Raids. Dragonflowers grant additional stats to a unit that persist across all game modes.There are four types of Dragonflowers, one for each of the four movement types: Icon Move Infantry.png Infantry, Icon Move Armored.png Armored, Icon Move Cavalry.png Cavalry, and Icon Move Flying.png Flying. To enhance a unit, Dragonflowers matching its movement type must be used.

Merge Allies[]

Main article: Merge Allies

Merge Allies is a feature that allows you to merge duplicates of the same Hero to gain benefits.

  • Note: Favorited Heroes can receive a merge, but can not be used as a merge. They must first be unfavorited.

Weapon Refinery[]

Main article: Weapon Refinery

The Weapon Refinery is a feature where the player can upgrade and evolve Weapons.

Confer Blessing[]

Main article: Confer Blessing

Confer Blessing is a feature where the player can use a Blessing to confer a bonus to any non-legendary hero.

Change Equipment[]

Change Equipment

Equip Skills[]

Here you can change the skills your Heroes have equipped for battle. There are two type of skills:

  • Active Skills: Weapon, Assist and Special which you can use through your battle actions.
  • Passive Skills: Three types of Passive Skills which apply various effects affecting gameplay.

Equip Seals[]

Allies can be equipped with Sacred Seals shown in skill slot S, and are effectively transferable Passives. Each hero can only equip one seal. Duplicate seals that share the same name will automatically be exchanged for 300  Hero Feathers.

Sacred Seal Forge[]

The Sacred Seal Forge is a feature where the player can create and enhance Sacred Seals. Players must first clear Chapter 13: Diabolical Bloodline and Intermission: A Power Awakens from Book I, in order for this option to appear.

Edit/Equip Skill Sets[]

Under Edit/Equip Skill Sets, you can create up to five skill sets for each ally. You can also name each skill set.

Equip Skill Sets[]

Using the Equip Skill Sets menu option, you can change skill sets for your team or brigade all at once, but you can also freely select up to 20 allies to change at once.

Equip Accessories[]

See also: Accessories

Heroes can be dressed up by equipping them with Accessories that have been obtained. Each accessory can be equipped to on one hero at a time. Duplicate accessories that share the same name will automatically be exchanged for 300  Hero Feathers. Upon entering the equip accessories menu for the first time the player is rewarded with a  Feh Doll and an  Enigmatic Mask.

Interact with Allies[]

Interact with Allies

Pair Up[]

Main article: Pair Up

Pair Up is a feature that allows certain Legendary Heroes to enter battle with another unit, which boost both heroes' stats.

Ally Support[]

Main article: Ally Support

Ally Support is a feature that allows Heroes to create bonds by forming partnerships with one another, which boost stats during combat.

Summoner Support[]

Main article: Summoner Support

Summoner Support is a feature that allows a Hero to form a bond with the Summoner, which boosts the chosen Hero's stats permanently.

Catalog of Heroes[]

Main article: Catalog of Heroes

A Catalog of all obtainable hero in Fire Emblem Heroes. Players can replay certain quotes, full art, and attack animations for the heroes they've collected.

Hero Merit List[]

See also: Hero Merit

Here the player can view the Hero Merit for all units they have collected.

Edit Special Teams[]

Edit Reserve Team[]

Reserve Team Menu

A Reserve Team is a team used in Arena Assault, Tempest Trials, Squad Assault, Chain Challenge and Blessed Gardens. Reserve Teams are used after the player's main team has been defeated. In Arena Assault, Squad Assault, and Blessed Gardens, the player is required to use one or more Reserve Teams to complete the multi-map battle.

Edit Brigades[]

A brigade with 20 unique heroes

Brigade Menu

A Brigade is a team used in Rival Domains, Relay Defense, and Grand Conquests. Brigades may consist of heroes owned by the player, as well as the leader heroes of the player's friends. Each brigade may contain up to 20 unique heroes, but at most one hero may learn Icon Skill Assist.png Sing or Icon Skill Assist.png Dance. Players can edit their Brigades in the Allies Menu or before entering a Rival Domains, Relay Defense, or Grand Conquests map.

Edit Raiding Parties[]

Raiding Parties Menu

A Raiding Party is a team used in Aether Raids. Raiding Parties are used to raid another player's Aether Keep. Raiding Parties can hold 4 to 6 units depending on the player's AR Tier.

Manage Barracks[]

See also: Combat Manuals

Manage Barracks

Create Combat Manuals[]

Select heroes and turn them into Combat Manual items. Manual items can be used for merging or skill inheriting, and have their rarity increased for the same Feather and Badge costs as unlocking the potential of a normal Hero.

Exchange Manuals[]

Manuals can be exchanged for  Hero Feathers, matching the amount if the original Hero was sent home. Similar to Heroes sent home, exchanged manuals will be permanently lost.

Your Manuals[]

View the list of Manuals currently owned.

Send Home[]

You can get  Hero Feathers in exchange for Heroes you send back to their worlds, but you will lose them permanently.

Star Rarity Amount of Feathers Received
1★ 5 Hero Feathers
2★ 10 Hero Feathers
3★ 150 Hero Feathers
4★ 300 Hero Feathers
5★ 1000 Hero Feathers
  • Note: Favorited Heroes can not be sent home. They must first be unfavorited.

In other languages[]

Language Name
English (US) Send Home
Japanese 送還
German Nach Hause senden
Spanish (Europe) Enviar a casa
Spanish (Latin America) Enviar a casa
French Libérer des héros
Italian Congeda
Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) 送回
Portuguese Mandar para casa

Use Heroic Grails[]

Main article: Use Heroic Grails

In the Use Heroic Grails menu,  Heroic Grails can be used to summon heroes from past Grand Hero Battles or Tempest Trials. 200 Heroic Grails can be obtained by entering the Use Heroic Grails menu for the first time. A list of summonable units is available in the Use Heroic Grails page.



The old Advanced Growth menu

  • The Advanced Growth Menu was removed as of version 2.6.0. Certain options from the Miscellaneous menu have been moved to the Allies menu as well.