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Enjoy checking your affinity while getting rewards!
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Affinity Auto-Battles is a special event introduced in Version 8.0.0. It was first presented in Feh Channel (Dec. 4, 2023).

Affinity Auto-Battles is an event in which Heroes are dispatched to different worlds to take on missions with the help of other Summoners' Heroes. The affinity between the two teams is determined before battles, which also strengthen them. Because battles take place using Auto-Battle, the better the affinity results, the greater the advantage in battle.

Basics[ | ]

Affinity Auto-Battles has a very simple gameplay: the player creates a team with any heroes and select one among three proposed other player to fight alongside. There are no restriction on the number, type or duplicativeness of the heroes. The team of the other summoners will be the one they used during this event, or their Arena Defense team by default. Friends are also more likely to appear among the three suggested players. Note that it is possible to refresh the three presented players to have a new selection.

Once a partner has been selected, an affinity test is performed between the two players' teams, resulting in a score between 0 and 100. When the affinity level is between 25 and 50, every hero is granted +2 Atk/Spd/Def/Res, and +4 when the level is greater than 50. The affinity is random, and may change between tests given the exact same players and heroes. However, it is possible to raise the score when all the heroes from one player, or the two players, are from the bonus games. It can be further increases when one player has all heroes from one of the bonus game, and the other players from the other game, or when both teams are comprised of half heroes from one game and half from the another.

After the affinity has been calculated, the player must choose one of three stages to battle, with varying enemy levels. All three stages costs 15 staminas to play, and are comprised of 6 foes. The battle is performed automatically through Auto-Battle. After 10 turns, or once one side is vanquished, a score is granted as follow:

BaseScore x DefeatedFoes + BaseScore x SurvivingAllies + AffinityLevel

The BaseScore depends on the stage: 50 for Normal, 55 for Hard, 60 for Lunatic. Once per day, the score is also tripled. Rewards are granted based on the cumulative score.

Affinity result[ | ]

Guide Affinity Auto-Battles Affinity
Positive Neutral Negative
Shares a tight bond with Shares history with Gives the cold shoulder to
Wants to hang out with Confidant of Not interested in
Fascinated by Sees as dependable Awkward around
Wants to protect Shopping buddy of Like oil and water with
Puts on a pedestal Sees potential of Out of sync with
Cherishes Sparring partner of Finds irritating
Has nicknames for Shares snacks with Has nothing to say to
Never without Thinks like Intimidated by
Totally focused on Always greets Expects betrayal from
Friends in past life with Finds agreeable Finds freaky
Never wants to part from Into the same foods as Weirded out by
Would give anything to Never a dull moment with Fashion police of
Devoted to Easy to joke with Feigns friendship with
Always by the side of Always entertained by On eggshells around
Anxious when apart from Similar hobbies as Keeping a distance from
Over the moon for On the same page as Not into the hair of
Looks fondly on Budding friendship with Dislikes
Desires attention from Feels safe with Volatile combination with
Drawn by destiny to Trusts implicitly Into different things than
Would make any sacrifice for Same wavelength as Feels unseen by
Unconditional affection for Thinks highly of Indifferent to
Adores Easy friendship with Mocks openly
Possessive of Comrades with Barely knows
Would see a play with Fun to train with Utterly baffled by
Wistful when apart from Total respect for Avoids eye contact with
True believer in Confessor to Touch and go with
Has a sweet spot for Relaxed around Flummoxed by
Overwhelmed by Gets along well with Nothing in common with
Attached at the hip to Good friends with No chemistry with
Always cheering for Admires lifestyle of Dreads meeting
Weeps with affection for Glad to work alongside Scared to death of
As close as can be to Finds compelling Struggles to interact with
Happy to be near Always chatting with Shares awkward silence with
Stricken with Willingly supports Wary of
Amazed by Instant friends with Could do without
Delighted by Friends forever with Sees an old foe in
Reveres Values the opinion of Fidgets when near
Drawn in by charisma of Would share secrets with Forgot the name of
Must have a portrait of Wants to be on the good side of Has no memory of
Would cast in bronze Planning a birthday party for Unconvinced by
Would die for Shares meals with Put off by
Wants to pinch the cheeks of Compatible with Needs some distance from
Joyous when near Wants to shake hand of Uneasy around
Has warm feelings for Wants a high five from Apathetic toward
Loves Grateful to have met Would rather be away from
Speechless around Has much in common with Doesn't like the look of
Puts first and foremost Complemented by Gives the evil eye to
Holds most precious Cut from the same cloth as Set on edge by
Does anything and everything for Bears the burdens of Has never heard of
Feelings beyond measure for Put in high spirits by Merely an associate of

Rewards[ | ]

Daily rewards[ | ]

Day Reward
1/6 Orb
2/6 40 Dragonflower I40 Dragonflower A40 Dragonflower C10 Dragonflower F
3/6 Orb
4/6 40 Dragonflower I40 Dragonflower A40 Dragonflower C10 Dragonflower F
5/6 Orb
6/6 40 Dragonflower I40 Dragonflower A40 Dragonflower C20 Dragonflower F

Cumulative score rewards[ | ]

Score Reward
1,000 30 Divine Code Ephemera
2,000 10 Sacred Coin
3,000 30 Divine Code Ephemera
4,000 10 Refining Stone
5,000 30 Divine Code Ephemera
6,000 1,000 Hero Feather
7,000 30 Divine Code Ephemera
8,000 Dueling Crest
9,000 Stamina Potion
10,000 10 Dragonflower I10 Dragonflower A10 Dragonflower C10 Dragonflower F

List of Affinity Auto-Battles events[ | ]

Event Bonus titles Event Dates
Banner Affinity Auto-Battles
Empty Space GHB

Affinity Auto-Battles 1
Icon MiniUnit Head 0 Heroes
Icon MiniUnit Head 9 Radiant Dawn
Banner Affinity Auto-Battles
Empty Space GHB

Affinity Auto-Battles 2
Icon MiniUnit Head 0 Heroes
Icon MiniUnit Head 10 Awakening
Banner Affinity Auto-Battles
Empty Space GHB

Affinity Auto-Battles 3
Icon MiniUnit Head 0 Heroes
Icon MiniUnit Head 9 Radiant Dawn

Story[ | ]

Anna Commander Face Cool

Now that everyone's here, let's get
started. We're about to work with the
Orders of Heroes from other worlds.

We'll be referring to this joint mission
as Operation Affinity!



So we get to test our affinity with
one another? I love that! I'm going
to get my affinity tested with every—


Sharena Princess of Askr Face FC
Anna Commander Face FC

Sharena, remember that we have
a mission to carry out.

Orders from other worlds will also
be dispatching teams, just like us...

Their teams and ours will be pairing
off in groups of two teams, each from
its own separate world.

Whether the units are compatible
is of utmost importance.




What makes one pair of teams more
compatible than any other?


Alfonse Prince of Askr Face FC
Anna Commander Face FC

...It's unclear.




Alfonse Prince of Askr Face FC
Anna Commander Face FC

Affinity isn't an exact science.

But there certainly are worlds out
there that our Heroes have high
affinity with...

We just have to hope luck pairs us
with them more often than not!

だって占いなんだもの 。

今週のラッ キーナンバーみたいに


Got it! Then we should expect that
we won't be a perfect match with
everyone out there...


Sharena Princess of Askr Face FC
Anna Commander Face Cool

Now, just select our Heroes and
begin by dispatching them into
the field, 【Summoner】!


Tempest Trials: Nihility & Dream Finale
Camilla: Alluring Darkness

In other languages[ | ]

Language Name
Japanese おまかせ相性バトル
German Auto-Kampf mit Affinität
Spanish (Europe) Combate de afinidad
Spanish (Latin America) Combate auto. de afinidad
French Combats auto d'affinité
Italian Battaglie autom. affinità
Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) 自動契合度大戰
Portuguese Batalhas auto. de afinidade