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Aether Resort

Aether Resort is a non-combat game mode introduced in Version 3.4.0 where the Heroes belonging to the player or their friends can interact with each other. It can be accessed from the Aether Keep menu.


Similar to Aether Raids, Aether Resort takes place on a map that the player can customize by choosing terrain types and placing structures.

Heroes will wander about the Aether Resort map, and can interact with other Heroes through a variety of short animations. The heroes that appear will initially be a random group of three selected from the player's barracks, but the player may select up to eleven specific heroes from their barracks or friends list to guarantee that they appear. Heroes with a maxed Ally Support level will have blushing animations when interacting with their partner.

R&R Affinity[]

Usage of R&R Affinity

R&R Affinity
A resource used to expand the features of your Aether Resort.

This mode uses its own form of currency, called  R&R Affinity, to build structures, purchase amenities, and unlock additional slots for Heroes and structures. For every 10 R&R Affinity spent, the player will receive 1  Aether Stone.

550 R&R Affinity will be received upon entering Aether Resort for the first time.

10 R&R Affinity can be received daily by entering the resort, and 60 R&R Affinity can be received weekly by viewing an event in an R&R Structure (refreshing at the start of every Aether Raids season).

An Aether Resort Pass can be purchased for 3  Orbs to double the daily intake of R&R Affinity for 7 daily visits.

R&R Affinity can be used to purchase Hero slots past the initial 3 as follows:

Hero Slot # Cost Date Added
4 60
5 80
6 100
7 120
8 120
9 140
10 140
11 160
12 180

The placement limit for structures can also be increased past the initial 14, as follows:

Slot #
Cost Date Added
15 60
16 80
17 100
18 120
19 120
20 120
21 140
22 140
23 160
24 160
Language Name
English (US) R&R Affinity
Japanese 交流ポイント
German Rastaffinität
Spanish (Europe) Afinidad etérea
Spanish (Latin America) Afinidad etérea
French Affinité d'éther
Italian Affinità relax
Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) 交流點數
Portuguese Pontos de lazer

R&R Structures[]

See also: R&R Structures

R&R Structures are special structures that allow viewing animations called events in Aether Resort. Events within a structure can be viewed either by tapping them, or dragging a Hero onto them. Tapping will simply select the Heroes from the first few slots until it reaches its max capacity for the event (for example, the Armory will simply select the first 3 Heroes in the Resort's slots), whereas dragging a Hero guarantees that they will appear in the resulting event.

Any R&R Structures built may also be used in Aether Raids as decorations. Similarly, any Aether Raids structures built may be also used as decorations in Aether Resort.

Unlike Aether Raids, duplicates of the same structure may be placed in Aether Resort.

Image Structure Max level Cost(s) Resort Description
Structure Accessory Shop.png Accessory Shop None 300  A structure where Heroes can sample various accessories to find new looks that catch their fancy! (Heroes cannot use this structure to change their equipped accessories.)
Structure Armory.png Armory None A structure that contains a collection of replica weapons for Heroes to sample. The stock is updated periodically too! (Heroes cannot use this structure to learn new skills or change their equipped skills.)
Structure Concert Hall.png Concert Hall None 300  A structure for Heroes who enjoy music and dancing. You can listen to music, change which songs are played in certain areas, and even order new tracks to listen to!
Structure Dining Hall.png Dining Hall None 120  A structure where dishes can be prepared with the ingredients harvested from your field. You can earn rewards based on the ★ ratings you receive on those dishes.
Structure Field.png Field None A place where Dragonflowers and food-crop ingredients for the Dining Hall are grown and harvested. Planted crops can be harvested at the beginning of the following season.
Structure Hot Spring.png Hot Spring None 300  A structure where Heroes can relax in a nice hot spring. Apparently it is a natural spring too, which is especially incredible considering it is located within a flying island in the sky.
Structure Inn.png Inn None 300  A structure where Heroes can rest. Sometimes Heroes will even dream as they slumber...

R&R Amenities[]

R&R Amenities are small items that can change the appearance of R&R Structure events. An amenity may only be purchased if its corresponding structure has already been built.

Structure Amenity Description Cost Date Added
Field Empty shinryu.webpPane 1.png Flower Bed 1 Prepares one uncultivated flower bed, allowing you to plant crops there. 200
Empty.webpPane 1.png Food Plot 1 Prepares one uncultivated food plot, allowing you to plant crops there. 100
Empty.webpPane 1.png Food Plot 2 Prepares one uncultivated food plot, allowing you to plant crops there. 100
Inn Doll Bear.pngPane 1.png Stuffed Bear A stuffed animal meant to be placed on a bed. 30
Doll Horse.pngPane 1.png Stuffed Horse A stuffed animal meant to be placed on a bed. 30
Doll Dragon.pngPane 1.png Stuffed Dragon A stuffed animal meant to be placed on a bed. 30
Hot Spring Acc 3 0008 0.webpPane 1.png Yellow Ducky A duck-shaped toy that floats on water. The way it bobs up and down is very relaxing. 20 (Unknown datetime)
Acc 3 0008 1.webpPane 1.png Peach Ducky A duck-shaped toy that floats on water. The way it bobs up and down is very soothing. 20 (Unknown datetime)
Acc 3 0005 0.webpPane 1.png Feh Doll A doll that looks amazingly similar to Feh, messenger owl for the Order of Heroes. And it floats! 20 (Unknown datetime)


The terrain of the Aether Resort can be changed.

Terrain name Thumbnail Map
Petalbreeze Village Thumb K1001.png
Brightsurf Coast Thumb K1002.png
Chillmist Palace Thumb K1003.png
Snowlight Plaza Thumb K1004.png


In other languages[]

Language Name
Japanese 飛空城の休日
German Ätherresort
Spanish (Europe) Paraíso etéreo
Spanish (Latin America) Paraíso etéreo
French Centre d'éther
Italian Resort etereo
Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) 飛空城假期
Portuguese Resort etéreo