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Raids Resorts
Structure Accessory Shop.png Accessory Shop Icon RR Structures.png R&R Structures

None  300 An R&R structure for your Aether Resort. A structure where Heroes can sample various accessories to find new looks that catch their fancy! (Heroes cannot use this structure to change their equipped accessories.)



  • A safe and reliable look. Somewhat orthodox in style.
  • An eye-catching look. Simply captivating in style!
  • A transcendent look. Truly ahead of its time!
  • It seems the world of fashion is not ready.
  • It seems this is just the type of bold, jaw-dropping look the fashion world has been waiting for!
  • A well-arranged look. Creatively coordinated.
  • An naturalistic look. Instinctively stylish!
  • A soothing look. A style you can't help but love!
  • Fashion trends will need more time to catch up to this kind of style...
  • It seems this look is not just trendy... it's the peak of fashion!

Special Event[]

  • A new page in the annals of style! This look has changed the face of fashion forever.


In other languages[]

Language Name
Japanese アクセサリー屋
German Accessoireladen
Spanish (Europe) Tienda accesorios
Spanish (Latin America) Tienda accesorios
French Accessoires
Italian Negozio accessori
Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) 飾品店
Portuguese Loja de acessórios